"Tonya did an excellent job of describing the do's and don'ts of the selling process. Her presentation was very descriptive and interlaced with stories and examples.
Thank you, Tonya."

Frank Weldon

"We appreciate Michael's no nonsense approach to our projects. He has a fantastic business sense and years of experience to back up his recommendations. You can depend on Michael to manage his responsibility for your project and he expects (and rightfully so) the same of you. Michael will not tell you what you want to hear. He shoots straight and has always been right on target for us. Michael was the technical creator and project manager for both of our websites and we have had amazing results. I love working with Michael because he is so clear and direct. No games- no guessing."
Lynn Shank
I have used Mr. Hofmann as my website creator, programmer, and consultant. Thanks to his help and services, the website for the Real Estate Investment Club of Austin (REICAUSTIN) has been in the 90 or higher range for Website Grader and on the first page of Google (using a number of different titles) continually for over a year. His expertise and knowledge is highly recommended. If you want one of the best website managers, programmers, and consultants you need to hire him; otherwise you will be hard pressed to find someone better.

I would recommend Michael Hofmann’s business coaching and website design services to anyone looking for success since he has been a tremendous help to my business.
His coaching has greatly challenged me and the assumptions I had about success. From my very first contact with Michael to the process of developing my website, Michael has provided outstanding business coaching and excellent insight on taking my business to the next level.
Every meeting with Michael he challenges me to “Stand Out in My Business” and to make “it” happen.  I am also reminded that I am a leader in my industry but no one will know it unless I implement and execute a solid plan. Michael garnered an accurate understanding of my situation through intense listening, intuition, experience, and asking the “why” question.
I have been looking for ways to expand my wellness services and to utilize my time more wisely ~ Michael’s coaching is the answer! With the valuable suggestions from Michael, I have taken very practical but professional approaches in securing two very important corporate contracts. This has set the foundation to grow my business from an individual wellness provider to a Complete Wellness Solution Company. Additionally, we are working on exercise videos and my website as my main stream of income and to expand my client base locally and nationally.
Michael, you Rock!!
Carolyn Brinkley
I love the daily business success videos!  They come right to my email inbox, giving me advice I can use that same day.  First I watch the videos on my iPhone without even having to start my computer.  Later I file the videos to an email folder, so I can quickly review them later – super convenient!

Elizabeth Reid

Being I am a conventional workaholic doing the basic manual labor and struggling to eke out a living, I had no idea what I had in store when I started my own MLM company. I accidently stumbled across a website for a meet up group in Australia and then converted that over to looking for a connection in Austin, Texas.
That is where I first learned of Michael and Tonya Hofmann and their Your Local City site. I made an appointment to attend a Stand Out In Your Business Meet up group in Austin (another of their companies) and saw the great opportunity that they to offer. We signed up as success leaders following this initial meeting.
That was all said to get to this point, I have attended several local functions in Austin, Belton, and Burnet  over the last several months and they continue to amaze me. The professionalism they demonstrate in their presentations is some of the best that I have seen.
They go out of their way to be helpful and have plenty of patience to answer any questions that arise.
Michael has worked with me over the last several weeks building a website, and I must say it has been one of the most exciting experiences of my life. He listens to what I think I want and then discusses the options available to get what I am really asking for. I could not be more pleased with the final product. I am not a computer whiz but Michael has taught even me how to take control of the site and make changes as I need without having to call for help. I have a lot to learn but know that Michael will teach me what I need to know.
Roger and Nell Sanders Burnet, Texas
Two years ago I was a stay-at-home mother, struggling to build my own business. Then I met Tonya and Michael Hofmann! I began working for their networking company, Your Local City. Through my association with them, I have learned the most up-to-date business skills needed to truly be successful and formed lasting relationships with amazing business owners.

From Tonya and Michael, I recognized the real value of helping others become more successful. Stand Out In Your Business is the culmination of their years of professional experience with the end goal of teaching the skills everyone needs to succeed.

Now I am proudly working with them in SOIYB. Tonya and Michael gave me the tools I needed to succeed after years of being out of the workplace. We would like to share those same tools with you.

Nicole Gelinas

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